Thursday, May 31, 2018

#URIC Ultimate Real Estate Investing 2 Day Retreat August 23rd and 24th. Livonia Michigan

Save $200-300 right now on limited early bird tickets. Learn the exact systems our firm uses to do over 100 flips & wholesales a year at the #URIC2 day real estate investment retreat. Livonia MI Aug 23rd and 24th.
Save $200-300 right now on very limited early bird tickets.

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Join us for a 2-day Retreat for the real estate investing course that is changing not only the industry but peoples lives! Since the launch of the course in March of 2018 students of URIC have generated over $1,000,000 in net profits from fix and flips and rentals. Most students following the course 100% are getting their first deals in just 3-5 weeks! The Ultimate Real Estate Investing course is the only course willing to give you everything you need upfront for life and the only course that continues to grow with you as new content is added often, never any more upsells!

Over the course of 2 intense days, we are going to dive into The Ultimate Real estate investing course and teach students everything they need to know on how to build what we call a “predictable and duplicatable” real estate investing business. How to achieve any number of flips or rentals you desire down to the exact numbers it will take!

Here is some of what you will learn over this 2 day fully immersive Event!

  • Introduction to the most common paths of real estate investing and understanding the differences so you can choose the path that best fits you.
  • In-depth wholesaling properties. From start to finish
  • How to do 100 flips a year
  • How to do 100 wholesales a year
  • How to build a massive rental portfolio 
  • How to structure your business
  • The importance of goals and defining them
  • Top 16 areas to find investment properties
  • Key Focus 1: The importance of a strong daily schedule
  • Key Focus 2: The importance of tracking your numbers the #1 most important aspect of building a long-term successful real estate investing business
  • Key Focus 3: The importance of consistent daily prospecting
  • More in-depth on finding deals
  • Setting your investment criteria and letting it guide you
  • Understanding where to get capital and how to structure different deals
  • Quick Tips on dealing with Contractors and our entire renovation systems capable of doing 15+ flips a month!
  • The importance of a strong mindset plan and tips
  • How and when to scale your business
  • A 90-day blueprint and start-up plan, step by step to your first deal in 30-90 days.
  • Dozens of Extra topics covered including but not limited to,
    •  Top 10 tips and strategies directly from students of URIC
    •  Understanding MAO
    •  Reverse MLS Hack
    •  Rentals and seller financing
    •  The importance of Role plays, scripts, objection tracking and increasing your skills.

Join us for an event unlike any you have been to before 2 fully immersive days focused on you and building the business of your dreams!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

No Deals? To much competition?

Every day in this marketplace I hear there’s too much competition there are not any deals.
If you were saying that you are correct you get what you think about. There are as many deals out there as you are willing to accept if you stop resisting and acting out of survival and scarcity. If you’re not finding deals it is because you’re not working hard on your skills get the skills to compete or else you will get squashed. Stop blaming the market and start blaming yourself. Reprogram how you look at things and think about things to attract abundance

Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Course


Tired of the crap real estate investing courses out there? I am to! I want to develop the ultimate real estate investing course and give it away FREE!!!!.Stuff the gurus charge $3,000-50,000 for!

Help me help everyone who wants to invest in real estate by sharing your feedback on where you think these courses are lacking and what you would like to see in a course.

Time is running out as I am starting Production Jan 1st!

VERY IMPORTANT: Then share this post with everyone you can think of in this space. I'm going to develop this course in the first QT of 2018 and give 100+ random participants FREE complete copies for life! Make sure you are 1 of the 100 all you have to do is fill out the survey. 

To Kick it off and show you I am not kidding, here is a link to the top 15 areas to find motivated sellers and exactly where to get them from. The sources we use in our business every day!

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