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The Borland Group will make bid for Iconic Detroit Fisher Building

A Bid for History
Livonia, Michigan - June 12th 2015 – Michigan’s iconic Fisher building is for sale!

The Borland Group is proud to announce that it will be bidding on the majestic Fisher Building, which is set to hit the auction circuit on June 22nd 2015. Formerly owned by the Farbman Group, the Golden Tower, went into foreclosure this past May.

Created by the wonderful genius of Albert Kahn in the late 1920s, the Fisher Building is the seventh tallest skyscraper to grace the Motor City skyline and is considered to be one of the most beautiful commercial buildings ever constructed.

Often affectionately referred to as “Detroit’s largest piece of art”, it was commissioned by the Fisher Brothers, who had made a name for themselves in the automotive industry with their innovative auto-bodies. GM, who later brought the brothers out, sported a “Body by Fisher” emblem on their vehicles until the mid-1990s.

Primarily utilized for office space, the building also houses a theater, The Fisher Theater, which seats approximately 2,089 guests who in the past have enjoyed renditions of Fiddler on the Roof, Sweet Charity and Walking Happy, just to name a few. The building is located in the New Center on West Grand Boulevard, which is strategic for businesses operating in the metropolitan area as it grants easy access to Downtown Detroit, Ann Arbor, Troy, and other surrounding growing neighborhoods.
The Borland Group would love the opportunity to be part of Detroit’s changing landscape. Just as the Fisher Building withstood the test of time, so too has The Borland Group who has been in business since 2006. The Borland Group is a home grown real estate investment firm based in Livonia and is considered to be one of Michigan’s largest residential real estate buyers. 

Like the Fisher brothers who believed in giving back to the community in the form of creating jobs, so too does The Borland Group who plans on restoring this historic landmark, if acquired; thereby, bringing Michigan one step closer to its former self.

It goes without saying that this auction will be a battle, but it is one that The Borland Group is willing to meet head on just as the ornate exterior of the Fisher Building met and weathered the elements throughout the decades.

The Borland Group is ready to take the next step and expand its horizons into commercial real estate and is sure that the Fisher Building is the one to propel them into this new market. 

Dylan Borland
17197 N Laurel Park Dr. Ste. 115, Livonia MI 48152


The Renovation Process Part 3

The Renovation Process Part 3

Find, Buy, Sell Series Part 2
In my Find, Buy, Sell Series I will be taking you through the four categories of real estate investing. Part 1: How to find properties. Part2: How to evaluate the properties Part 3:The renovation process and Part 4: Sale and closing.

The Renovation Process: Part 3
We found the property, we estimated the repairs, and we made an offer we got the offer accepted and closed and now it’s time to renovate the home.  Hopefully by this time you have done your due diligence and selected a top contractor to work on the renovation for you. If you have not let’s take a step back

Selecting Contractors
Not all contractors a created equal. Investors generally have two different models when it comes to renovating a home. One model is to hire a contractor for each trade in the renovation. So one contractor who will do the electrical, one for mechanical, one for plumbing, a handyman and so on. In this scenario, the investor becomes the “Projector Manager” and is coordinating the entire renovation and all trades. The second way to do it is to hire one general contractor who will manage the entire renovation and hire his own sub-contractors to perform the various parts of the renovation. Either way is fine and it really comes down to how much time you have, If you are working on a property here and there scenario one may be best for you, if you are working on 50-100+ renovations a year there will be no way you can manage the renovations yourself.

In either scenario make sure you spend time interviewing the different contractors and verifying their level of craftsmanship, skill and expertise. A bad contractor can destroy your renovation and cost you twice as much money to hire someone to fix the mess. You will have to make sure your contractors are licensed and insured and come with good references. 

It is easy to fall into the trap of wanting to hire the cheapest contractor on the block after all this puts more money in your pocket when you resell the home right? That is the wrong way to think, I can tell you without a doubt DO NOT HIRE THE CHEAPEST CONTRACTOR ON THE BLOCK!, these contractors will cost you more money than you can ever imagine, a good contractor may cost more but will ultimately put more in your pocket with providing you a quality product that sells fast and comes with no lingering issues.

Bad contractors can cost you time and a lot of money
·         *Over budget
·         *Over schedule
·        * Poor quality and craftsmanship
·         *May get into arguments with you and walk off the job, put liens on your property, etc.
·        * Steal or embezzle money from you
·         *You may have to re-renovate their renovation!
·         *Create liability for you down the road when you resell the home
·         *You may have to fire them during the job and hire someone new costing a lot more than you originally planned

A good contractor will save you time and money
·        * Comes in on or under budget
·         *Comes in on or under schedule
·         *Pulls all the proper permits
·        * Is licensed and insured
·        * Ensures a great quality end project the new owner can enjoy for many years to come without issues
·         *Will look for ways to save you money without affecting quality

When renovating a home keep in mind some key pointers
·         *Going over schedule can cost you a lot of money in carrying costs, utilities, insurance, if you have a loan on the property. Keep a close eye on this. Consider enforcing a late fee to your contractors for every day the project goes over schedule.
·         *Make sure you have your contractors sign independent contractor agreements also a DETAILED! Scope of work. Consult an attorney to make sure you have an iron-clad agreement to protect you and your business
·         *Require your contractors to be licensed and insured
·        * Consider having your contractors take out a bond for the project
·         *Consider using checklist to make sure you have a consistent end project during, before and after renovation
·         *Hire slow, fire fast!
·        * Call around when shopping trades don’t choose the cheapest don’t choose the highest look for middle grade. You will be surprised at the vast differences in pricing.
·         *On average, a renovation should take 1 week for every $10,000 spent. If you have a $30,000 renovation, it should take three weeks. Time is money and opportunity in this business.

As always feel free to reach out to us for questions or comments or if we can expand on any topic. Go out lock down some properties and happy investing! Visit us on the web at