Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Real Deal Episode 1: Real Estate Investing

Its finally here our first episode of "The Real Deal" with David and Dylan. Get a unplugged, unscripted raw look into what it takes to invest in real estate as we answer your questions , This series has made me the most excited because its a chance to unplug and really dive direct into helping people better their investment career. Check it out and comment, share, like . Leave feedback and how we can improve, or what you like about the video. Enjoy and let us know what you think . A new episode will be released every other Wednesday. Make sure to subscribe to our channel.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Borland Group Coaching Podcast EP1

The first Saturday of each month I have been hosting a small group coaching session with local real estate investors. Really focused on diving down into what can we do to take their business to the next level individualy. After 3-4 Sessions I started to kick myself in the butt , so much information was being shared and nothing recorded. Thanks to Jeremy Burgess with Renegade Detroit Investors we have now solved that problem. We decided to Live Stream on Facebook our monthly coaching meetup (search for Renegade Detroit Investors), produce a podcast with the audio on both Soundcloud and iTunes so that everyone can listen and learn from these action packed sessions. 

Here are links to our fist post cast you can listen to, the first 30 minuets or so I cover the cost of renovating an investment property, then we open it up to group questions which run the gambit of what is wholesaling, should I invest in apartments, is real estate going to crash sometime soon, and much more. 

Check out the links below for more information and to listen. 

Join us at our next meetup the first Saturday of every month by RSVPing at Meetup.com https://www.meetup.com/Livonia-Real-Estate-Investment-Coaching-By-Borland-Group/

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Business Essentials: Goal Setting PT1

Business Essentials 4 Part Series.

Goal Setting:

I think it’s important to tackle the basics of a successful business, I see to many people build their business foundation on sand vs. rock and fail. The greatest turn around in my business is when I first hired a coach that taught me some of the most basic business essentials and helped me build a solid foundation that I can repeat daily and continue to grow over time. I want to share 4 of those essentials with you in a 4 part mini-series

1.       Goal Setting
2.       Knowing your numbers
3.       Following a schedule
4.       Prospecting daily and aggressive lead follow-up.

If you were to step into my office you would literally see it riddled with goals everywhere, in every corner. To start any adventure you need a goal, your big why? What’s important to you? If you were to jump into a boat and sail without a map you likely wouldn’t come back and would be lost out at sea. Too many people are lost at sea with no direction just stumbling through life. You need a clear course. Once you determine what that course is, it’s not good enough to simply keep it in your head. You have to write it down.

Remember you get what you focus on the most. If you have clear defined goals written out in front of you, you will naturally attract the solutions to achieve them into your life and your subconscious mind just by looking at them you will naturally begin to work towards them. Remember everyone in life has different things that are important to them, different reasons that drive them. It could be family, health, and business, financial, spiritual whatever it is define it and get specific.

If you are lost at determining what your big why is in life the best book I discovered and have used for 5 years and counting is a journal called “Living your best year ever” by Darren Hardy the publisher of Success Magazine. This journal will take you through the exercises of determining your goals and then setting up a system to achieve them daily by monitoring and tracking them. It is worth its weight in gold. I highly encourage anyone who wants to start working towards their dreams to get a copy, complete it. It will change your life. You can grab a copy right on Success’s website https://store.success.com/living-your-best-year-ever-by-darren-hardy.html for $49.95.  No, I do not make a penny on promoting it, but it is the #1 book that keeps me on track and defining my big goals for the year.

Make sure that when you are defining your goals you are picking goals that challenge you, move you and evoke emotion. If your goals are not big enough you will get complacent. I was always told that you want to pick goals that are so big that “if you told god your goals he would laugh.”  Pick huge goals, something that will dramatically change your life once achieved trust me when I tell you even if you achieve 50% of what you set out to do you will be in a much better position than when you started. And you will certainly achieve more than 50% of what you set out.

I want to reaffirm the importance of goal setting, I am telling you having been coached myself for many years and providing coaching to others the difference between winning and losing is having clearly defined goals that you take action on daily. IT ALL STARTS HERE FOLKS.

Some quick tips to help you
·         Get specific, define clear goals
·         Don’t be afraid to dream, set goals so big everyone laughs
·         Write you goals out! Keep them in a place you will see every day. On the wall by your desk, in the bathroom, kitchen etc. Not in a drawer!
·         Use a vision board. Every year I place images of everything I want to achieve on a vision board big and small, with the date I want to achieve by and the cost. At the end of the year, I hit consistently over 90% of what’s on there because it’s in front of me every day.

Now go out and set your goals, feel free to share them with us in the comment section below. Be the shining example of success you were meant to be! 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

How to Invest in different market cycles - Dylan Borland

Investing in a "Stale" Market: How to come out on top. Planning for cycles.

Investing in a “Stale” Market: How to come out on top. Planning for cycles.

This is an important topic to cover because real estate is a cyclical business it moves in cycles and the better you understand the cycles and how they relate the economy the better you can survive different market swings. Once you learn how to look for certain market indicators you can start to predict when a market may slow down to get stale. Why is this important? Well, let’s look at a very short term market cycle a seasonal one. If you are purchasing a home to renovate and resell in the summer to late fall when buyer activity is at its highest and you spent a month or two renovating the property and put in on the market in the winter months when buyer activity slows down, prices may become stagnant, or drop and this investment no longer has the same initial net spread as it did when you purchased.  Let me give you a visual example. Now keep in mind every market is different however what stays consistent is markets move in cycles both on a micro and macro scale no matter what state you live in. The example I am providing is based on a typically “Seasonal” market cycle in Michigan.

·         Let’s say you buy a home October 15th for $92k that would resell for $150k and you are putting $25k into the home. You are just coming off of a hot summer market and now it’s the fall, prices are still high, comps go back six months back to April. Now let’s say its takes you 60 days to renovate this home (yes that slow but let’s plan worst case). That puts you in a position to get this home on the market December 15th. Now the market starts to slow down because of the holidays, most people are focused on taking time off and gift giving, spending time with the family etc. Let say it takes you 30-45 days to get the home under contract sometime around Jan 15-30th. However now the market has slowed down dramatically and become “Stale” and prices have become flat, time on market has increased and or prices have dropped. Let’s say you re-check your comps and now that same house you planned to sell for $150k is now selling for $138k. If everything else goes right this is a reduction in your net profit right out of the gate of $12,000! So if you planned to make $20k on this home you are now at just 8k! And again that is a perfect scenario. All goes well with the closing, no concessions are given, no city occupancy issues and there is a quick closing.

The scenario I presented above gives you a good example of how some investors get into trouble by not timing the markets. I have been there myself and learned the hard way. This is also just a seasonal example, we also should look at this on a large economic model and one should be watching the big picture as real estate prices continue to rise and trying to predict when the next downfall will be. It’s only natural prices rise and fall.

How to prevent being burned?
So how you prevent being burned and possibly losing in a stale market? You first start by knowing your market cycles and what is happening with the economy. If you are moving into a seasonal cycle you need to forecast ahead and plan to sell in a much slower market where prices may drop. To protect yourself you purchase the property at an, even more, conservative number.

·         Let’s use the same example listed above. If I knew that this property was going to sell in a slow market in January, February and I were buying in October. If the current prices said I should buy at $92k I would want to purchase this home at a price of around $80-85k. So if the market shifts I am safe and still make a steady profit.

The examples I am giving you are very basic but they illustrate the idea. Yes, you may ultimately do fewer deals during this time because it will be harder to get much more conservative prices, however, fewer deals that are more profitable is better than many deals that break even or you loose on.
This is also illustrated on a large scale if you follow the trends of real estate the market seems to rise and crash every 10-12 years. You will want to keep an eye on inventory, days on market and price in relation to peak market value.

3 signs your market is changing
·         Days on market, longer or shorter?
·         Number of new listings. As inventory increases, price flattens out
·         Are the prices flattening?

To be a smart investor and survive different cycles always be forecasting out and conscious of the market you are buying in. I am a firm believer you can make money in any market, people always need to sell at discounted prices in relation to the current market, but don’t get trapped.

As always feel free to leave any questions, comments in the section below and if there are any topics you want covered we would love you hear from you.

Happy and profitable investing. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Borland Capital Partners to invest $28 Million in Metro Detroit Real Estate through 2016. Additional Investors welcome.

Borland Capital Partners to invest $28+ Million in Metro Detroit Real Estate through 2016. Additional Investors welcome.

The Borland Group a Livonia Michigan based real estate investment firm and developer has quickly established themselves as the one of the most respected investment firms in Michigan. In 2015 the company earned the title of largest investor of single family real estate in Michigan and now they seek to expand again, through a division named Borland Capital Partners. For over a decade The Borland Group has invested privately in single family real estate and development projects around Metro Detroit in addition to apartment buildings, the decision to expand and open the doors to outsides investors came naturally after a decade of high returns and continued success said Borland Group’s CEO Dylan Borland. “We are experiencing great opportunity and returns over several vastly different market periods both up and down markets and we want to bring others in on the opportunities we can only do so much alone.” –Borland

Borland Capital Partners Is an open end fund that will allow investors an opportunity to invest alongside of an industry expert and capitalize on the high returns produced by Michigan real estate. According to Borland, Michigan’s real estate is attractive to investors because of the low cost of acquisition compared to most of the country and high stabilized rents. This produces a favorable cap rate well above the NCREIF Index which according to a report published November 2015 was at 8.90%. The NCREIF Index complies its information from 33 of the nation’s largest open ended REIT’s in the country.

Borland states that investments from the fund will start as early as the first Quarter of 2016 and that the fund is open to additional investments from institutional and private investors. For more information visit The Borland Group at www.TheBorlandgroupllc.com or www.BorlandCapital.com