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Real Estate Investing 2019 National Tour!


Building long-term success in real estate investing Flip & Wholesale
Join Dylan Borland as he tours the country in 24 major cities across the US on a mission to reset the bar in real estate investor education. Empowered to provide extraordinary value and change lives. The URIC (Ultimate Real Estate Investing Course) is for those looking to turn their hobby, passion, desire and interest in real estate investing into a real business. This one day workshop is for the very beginner to the seasoned expert.

Dylan will share with you during this 1 day fully immersive boot camp core systems from the course, the foundations to building a long-lasting career in real estate investing.
TWO FOR ONE! Each ticket sale will also get you an insider discount on the course included in the ticket sale! This one day course will cover the core concepts critical to success, accompanied by full access to the course for deeper study at home. (over 65+ in-depth videos, full document & contract center and monthly group coaching) To see everything the course has to offer visit , there is even a free 72-hour unrestricted trial!

Schedule for the day
  • Introduction to real estate investing, the most common paths and understanding the differences. Which path will you choose?
  • Define your goals, you big why (without this you will be a ship at sea without a sail!)
  • In-depth Top 16 areas to find deals in this marketplace.
  • Setting your investment criteria, being a disciplined investor and sticking with it.
  • Core systems (Focus of event)
    • #1 Building a strong daily schedule
    • #2 Tracking your numbers to build a predictable and duplicatable business (This will be the most powerful tool in your belt)
    • #3 Consistent daily prospecting and strong lead follow up
  • The importance of role-playing and practicing your skills

ANOTHER BONUS! Also included in this workshop is a step by step 90 day action plan to land your first deal(s) in 90 days or less!

Register now as seating is limited as we want to keep a small group to provide the most amount of value and attention, we are interested in providing incredible value to each attendee and a good learning environment, not creating a mass profit center with hundreds of people in each room. We are fully committed to your success. Most events are limited to just 50-60 people max!

Build Long term wealth in real estate investing

Interested in real estate investing? Already a seasoned investor? This FREE case study is for you then.

Bonus: Also upon registering you will receive FREE top 16 areas to find motivated sellers in-depth training.

No knowledge is bad knowledge, always seek to sharpen your axe ! Our hope is you gain just 1 tip from this case study, one idea that will allow you to take a massive step forward.